1. © Trigger’ s Car Stuff, a dedicated researcher and photographer, triggerscarstuff is always worth a visit   •  It is a 1976 Volkswagen Devon camper van, but the vehicle recovery was already back in 1978, and got staged for a 1970’s British TV show called ›The Sweeney‹. This particular vehicle is still about on British road, read further. Which is no miracle, they removed in that scene in advance the interior entirely.

    Eine britische Fernsehszene aus 1978. Das Auto ist 2014 noch zugelassen, was nicht wundert, wenn Ihr genau hinschaut. Die komplette Einrichtung wurd’ vor dem Dreh entfernt. Und den Auspuff [mit dem Motor], kann mann den erkennen?

  2. thescholargipsy:

    This is my 1973 VW Camper Van. (And my brothers and dog.)

    It needs work but the idea of that excites me. I’m reclaiming it, getting to know its inner workings, making it truly my own. I’ve gotten the tools and have been doing the research and I feel confident I can get it road ready and beautiful… if I just make the time.

    My mom helped me buy it and I still owe her so work remains a priority. But every time I walk by it I hug it or I kiss it and I tell it my dreams, looking at its cute round eyed face. I realize this is what I’ve been working towards, more than anything since I got home almost a year ago, this is what I can say I’m proud of accomplishing.

    My best wishes for your van project.

    (N.B.: Be proud, your particular pop-up roof got installed only for one year; but I am not an expert. Feel free to have a look at the genuine vintage sales brochure [PDF] in German language.)

  3. HLE 889T by Nivek Old Gold on Flickr.

    »Wrong hubcaps«, no, I am kiddding.

  5. koomebaya:

    Mornings at home

    #Riviera camper van

  6. koomebaya:

    September preparations

  7. koomebaya:

    The beginning of the rest of my life

    My best wishes for your journey in September, Alexis.

  8. koomebaya:

    Best decision I’ve made this far.

    (Admittedly… mine, too.)

  9. Rivieras for Alexis Koome ›koomebaya‹  ·  credit

  10. thisvelologist:

    VW Type 2 (T2) Westfalia (Populi comitatum) spotted in Evansville, IN.

    [Westfalia] ›populi comitatum‹ – the people of the county [called North Rhine-Westphalia]? 

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  12. peppergroyne:

    Lovely ‘76 Lime Green two-tone Bay with bonus owner appearing while taking photos. Nice young chap who said his bus went well … and it did as he drove off.


  13. mellyfishtv:

    Some pics I took at the 2013 Brighton Breeze. My van (Bubs) is the blue 1971 Dormobile sitting between his 2 fellow 1971 friends, Marley the Californian Tin Top and Bella.


  14. (The colors of the façades and the car finish rock.) See more of his work on Flickr.

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  15. ezekielvg:

    Dad & I

    #stand by your van  ·  See more of his work on Flickr.